Who we are

The Cheektowaga Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is a quasi-public local development corporation and 501 (c) 3 not-for profit agency. It is comprised of area business & community leaders and carries out economic development with funding from the federal Community Development Block Grant Program.

Our Mission

The purpose of the CEDC is to facilitate the expansion and retention of business in the Town of Cheektowaga. The mission of the CEDC is to foster and promote economic development and the creation and preservation of employment opportunities within the Town of Cheektowaga in order to strengthen and expand the Town’s tax base, provide economic opportunity for all persons and improve the quality of life in the Town.

How It Works

The CEDC provides assistance in the form of secured loans. This assistance must directly result in the creation of job opportunities, at least 51% of which, on a full-time equivalent basis, are to be made available to low/moderate income persons.

Loans Provided For

  • Acquisition of fixed assets such as equipment, machinery, real estate and other fixed assets
  • Current Assets including inventory, receivables, & working capital

Eligibility Requirements

Principal business activity to be impacted must be located within the Town of Cheektowaga

See our Business Loan Program for a list of requirements and program standards.

Program Standards

  • Employment Cost Ratio: Program financing may NOT exceed $35,000 for each new job created
  • Financing amount must be sufficient to make a project feasible
  • Min Amount: $10,000
  • Max Amount: None*

*Based on availability of funds